TrulyTribal bringing beautiful tribe to your home

The Tribe in India form an important part of the total population. It represents an element in Indian society which is integrated with the culture mosaic of our civilization. From the foot hill of Himalyas to the lands tip of Lakshyadweep and from the plain of Gujrat to the hills in the North-East , Tribe is spread all across the country and giving our country, one more speciality.


TrulyTribal, a startup based in pune has brought an unique idea of making Tribe , one of the most beautiful theme of our home,office or our workplace. This is a company which sells handcrafted, exclusive Indian and ethnic collections of various tribal art forms across India. TrulyTribal , reaches directly to the tribal artists and provide them a platform where they can reach to a large online audience. This platform is having some amazing collection of our pure Indian art forms like – Dokra Art ( Brass/Bell Metal work), Gond paintings, Warli, Madhubani, Soura, Pattachitra, Odisha Stone Carving, and Bamboo / Woodcraft. Apart from selling tribals handicrafts & Painting; it provides a dedicated custom solution for interior decorations and corporate gifting, all infused with tribal art forms.


Mrs. Sweta Menon, who is a Graduate in Computer Science and has experience of working in IT industries , including TCS and Fiserv, for 15 years. She left her Job for starting a very unique online Tribal Art Gallery, and no doubt our country need it.

She says -”Tribal Art and artisans deals in stories and nature. They create much more then painting & artefacts. They put life & soul in their creations.. They should be paid not just for their creations but their vision” .

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