Meet Jigyaasa-an educational trust which is Educating Slums

Having  big Wishes is a very common thing to all of us ,but Having a desire of serving people and educating poor is called Jigyaasa. A trust which is teaching those children who are not able to get their basic education due to their financial condition. An initiative by Mr. Azizur Rahman, who is an Alumini of MIT Academy of Engineering pune has a very kind motto of supporting the helpless. A community which is currently teaching the slum children at their localities in pune.
Jigyaasa was an inspiration came out from Alandi’s very famous yatra of Swami Gyaneshwar Maharaj. Mr. Rahman was very much interested in knowing common people livings, so he used to spend most of his time among the yatra people and then he realised that most of the people are lagging in getting their basic education. Here arose the idea of teaching children of slum who are actually not able to take their basic education.

He called 12 of his college friends and discussed this idea among them, and all of them agreed and appreciated his idea. After forming the group, it was SEP 2014, they made their first campaign in government school no-3 of Alandi itself. Apart from the basic education they introduces computers sort of devices to make them familiar with today’s world.jigysa educational trust

Jigyaasa is working at various places in pune and also has started in a city of Bihar called Gaya. Today Jigyaasa is more than two years old and has more than 100 members working of betterment of country. They believe, if we youngsters try , we can change the face of the country that’s why most of the members are Engineering students and various equivalent disciplinaries.jigyasa educational trust

With having a collaboration with Mumbai’s Tata memorial hospital recently they have started serving the cancer patient also. Those who are not able to afford treatment expenses Jigyaasa helps them.This chapter of Jigyaasa was inspired from a touching story of Rahman’s Mother disease (CANCER).


Future Plan of Jigyaasa is to build an Institute where slum students, disabled and orphans  can study. With a purpose of making India an Educated India,they are on the way.

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  1. Shadab Anwar

    As a member of JIGYAASA I am happy to read the article.

  2. Sameer Gurav

    Hats of Mr Azizur Rahman and his team .Really Great work

  3. avinash kumar

    Hats off dear rahman… U r doing a great job…

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