How to start a Business?

Before coming to our question there are some “prerequisites”  you should know.

  1. You should know “what is business? “

Whenever we think about starting a business the main thing comes in our mind is MONEY, and if you also think so, then stop thinking about Startup. Because there will come lots of ups and downs in your journey and if you are only concerned about money ,things are not gonna workout

2.  You should have a proper Business Plan

Every start is a failure without a proper Plan and specially when it is concerned about Business. “Make a plan of all the aspects regarding your business, either it is management or it finance and so on.

3.  Get you business Legalised

To establish your business in proper manner and legally, you should register your company according to the sector of business you want  to start in

4.  Do make a clear vision about you financial management?

80% of the startups fails due to the lack of finance. At initial stage we think a particular sum of amount will be enough to run your business and there comes a time when you realise you ‘ll need much more than you was thinking, final option you think to be correct at this stage it to shut down the business. To prevent your business to meet such stages you should have a proper financial management and source of Investment.

5.   Practice Collaboration

Most of the startups in India has been started by any student only. It is very clear that all students are not having that “Baniya Mind” . So to avoid accidents you should collaborate other business of your field itself and most important- of your level

6. Work with a group

A very common said is there practiced usually is -”Coming together is beginning, Keeping together is progress, and working together is success”. It is very important to have a group. Always it is not important to have a group of ten people,  sometime a single person with you called a group.


So, Stay Motivated, keep working and whenever you need help we’ll be their for you. I know India has started but if you have not then –Please start it India.

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