Hilarious Facts ! you don’t know about Mark Zuckerberg

Everyone knows the Robin Hood of Social Network – Mark Zuckerberg . But, today we are bringing you the most hilarious and exciting facts you don’t know about CEO-Facebook : Mark Zuckerberg-

When he was just 12, Zuckerberg devised a programming system for his father’s dental clinic, using which the receptionist could inform him about the new patients coming without having to call him out every time.


When he was very young, Zuckerberg’s parents hired a computer tutor for him but the tutor couldn’t keep up with his learning abilities. A ‘prodigy’, he called him.

While he was still in high school, several companies like AOL and Microsoft offered him a job. He refused and the rest as they say is history.

Mark Zuckerberg’s annual salary as the CEO of Facebook is $1!

During his time at Harvard, Zuckerberg built Facemash, a website where people could compare the faces of two people and decide who was better looking. The University shut it down deeming it inappropriate. He was also banned from using internet in the University and accused of invading people’s privacy.

He happens to suffer from red/green colour blindness. That explains why Facebook is blue!

He met his wife Priscilla Chan during his sophomore year, at a party, while waiting in the queue to the restroom.

He signed The Giving Pledge along with Bill Gates and Warren Buffet in 2010 according to which, he shall donate half of his wealth to charity.

His business card reads, “I’m CEO, Bitch!” No kidding.

In 2010, Zuckerberg learnt Chinese so he could interact with Priscilla Chan’s parents.

His friends call him ‘Zuck’ while his mother calls him ‘Princely’.

Mark Zuckerberg continues to be the most followed person on Google Plus. He has even more followers than the founders of Google Plus themselves!

Green Day, Shakira, Jay Z and Taylor Swift are his favourite music artists.

Did you know that Priscilla’s wedding ring was designed by Mark himself?

He likes to take up one resolution every year. In 2009, he wore a tie every day of the year and in 2011, he only ate animals that he had killed himself and in 2013, he pledged to meet a new person outside of Facebook every day.

After knowing all these facts we can easily say , He is not just a Programmer but a person for whom commitment matters.

Visit Zuckerberg’s Page : https://www.facebook.com/zuck

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