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EngineersConnect : A startup based in pune truly satisfies our tagline IDEA OPPORTUNITY SUCCESS . Mr. Bhushan Gaikwad, Founder & CEO of EngineersConnect came up with an idea to give engineering a completely new way of being social. An idea which is unlike of our existing social sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. where we share whatever we want, but actually we cannot share our professional views and documents there, and if we share, it is not sure that it will reach to the person of your profession or the intended person only and here they brought EC which is like -”by the Engineer, for the Engineer!”

A platform where you can connect with engineers, get tutorials, download and upload your assignments or notes, get innovative news, know what’s happening in your college or in the colleges around you. This is not limited only up to here but they are providing you internships and trainings of web technologies in their company for your personal help as well as growth. They have collaborated with some of the good companies from IT, Mech, etc  to provide you placements too. Currently, EC has launched their services in some of pune’s top colleges like MITs,MKSSS Cummins, MESCOE(wadia), etc.

EC bhusan-gaikwad


Bhushan started a self-financed company along with his project partner, friend and now co-founder Mr.Sumit Kalyana  in Third-year of his college. Despite of a lot of burden of college studies they made it possible, learnt all the web related technologies and finally launched on a small basis. Dr.A J Hake supported them by mentoring and allowing access to the Research and Development Lab of their college and all the resources.

This was not just a launch but the encouragement for them, they had started working on the same concept with college project of BIGDATA. This idea impressed the IEEE and got selected, not only this but they also got an offer for internship from a US based company. Mr. founder got placed in Amazon and Inteliment as Associate Software Engineer but he chose to work for building his own company. So, the Engineersconnect, an Educational-cum-Social network.

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