10 Businesses You Can Start with Zero Investment

It is said Small business can also create Big Impact. So, if it is true then why not to start with a small but to reach the big.

  1. Become a Coach

Today, where India is developing in all the fields like weapons, Nuclear Technology,

Internet Technology, Electronics and Businesses, but there is still a field where we are lagging and that is Education. The greatest need of our country is education. Still in India 50% of the Families are not able to get education and this is the situation when you can start a carrier can be both profession and Social Service as well.

  1. Sell Your Handicrafts Online

If you are an artist and you are passionate about designing and making crafts, then this the perfect business you can start right now. There are so many online resources and  are some books available too, having very good arts in that. Go and get those resources  and start your business now.

  1. Become a Freelance Graphic Designer

Are You a Good Dreamer? Can you imagine a simple thing in different way? Then  graphic designing is the best work you can earn and enjoy doing with. The complete country is adopting technology very rapidly and they need designers and developers for their work.

  1. Become a Counsellor

If you think you have enough knowledge in any specific field  but you don’t want to work in any company then Counselling is the best thing you can do. In almost every field people needs some advice to run their businesses ahead. So, by becoming their advisor,  you are earning and helping them too.

  1. Plantation

Today, the biggest problem world is facing is Global Warming. Everyday, we are cutting thousands or Lacs of Trees in India only. Government is running so many campaigns, spending a lots of funds but result is still FAILURE. So, here is the way where you can help them in planting trees either as a contractor or as a gardener. In both the ways you will be serving the world and definitely with a good amount of earning too.

  1. Home Catering

If you are a good cook and live in a society where people are not even able to cook their food due to lack of time, you can become a Feeder of them. Today world has became so fast that People sacrifice their meal and health too. So, why don’t you become a superman of them!!!!!!- Go ahead and feed them……..

  1. Rent your House

You have big home and less people to live in ! Why don’t you give on rent? Today, where people are migrating from one city to another for their work, your extra space can give them a roof on their head to live in and a good amount to you every month.

  1. Start a Repair business

Today, in some developed country like America and Japan, there  are so many people passionate about technology and machines but not interested in working under any boss. They have started repairing business on their own house. With this work you will not only earn a good amount but you will continuously learn on practicing them and may be with some more extra efforts you can invent something new.

  1. Website or Software Development

Rather than spending a big amount of time on social networking site in sharing and liking a posts, you can help business by developing websites and software for them. Developers are nothing but the cocktail of a specific knowledge and creativity. If you are creative, take a coaching of programming languages and practice it daily. In a very short span of time you can become a very good programmer and you will find world’s was waiting for you to help them in their work.

  1. Farming

Apart from technology and the society, you can work for your own and the complete country by growing grains in your field. If you don’t have your own field, there are so many people who has left farming and have started working in another field-Make an agreement with them and start feeding this world your own grown grains.

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