Time Management for Entrepreneurs [Only way to success]

This is the Great time to be alive. There have never been more opportunities to do more things and to achieve more of your goals in all of human history than there are today.

You can live longer and better today and than any other generation before you. Modern advances in medicine and healthcare are enabling more people to live to age eighty or ninety- or even one hundred- than ever imagined possible.

Because of the explosive growth of information, technology, and competition, the rate of change has accelerated almost beyond your capacity to keep with it.

Today we need a new way to think about time, especially the different times of your life. We find that each activity and responsibility in your life requires you to take a different approach to time if you want to get the best results from everything you do.

You need one kind of time for setting goals and deciding what you really want in life and another type of time for setting things done.

You need one type of time for interacting, communicating, negotiating, and administrating and another type of time at home with your family and your most important relationships.

The different types of time are often like oil and water; they don’t mix very well together.

Any attempt to use the wrong type of time in the wrong area for it will lead to frustration, failure and ineffectiveness.

The quality of your life is largely determined by the quality of your time management. But time management is really personal management, life management. It is the management of yourself. If you don’t control your time properly, it is difficult for you to control anything else.

Fortunately, the richest, most successful person in the world has the same twenty-four hours per day that unsuccessful people is that successful people. sometimes with less potential and fewer opportunities, often their time in a better and more effective way.

Your higheest paid, most important skill is your ability to think, bot before  you act and while you are acting. It is your ability to choose what is moree important and what is less.

Psychologists tell us that your level of self-esteem how much you like and rspectyourself –  is the key measure of how happy you are in any area of your life.  The key of high self-esteem is a feeling of self-efficiency – the confidence that you can masteer your life, achieve your goals, perform your tasks, and get the results that are expected of you and that your expect from yourself.

Your most valuable financial asset is your earning ability. This your ability to get results that popl will pay you for. This again is largely determined by how you use your time when you are working and before and after your work.

Thosmas Edison once wrote, –

Thinking is the hardest work ther is, which is why most people would rather die than think.

Most people live in a reactive response mode. When something happens around them, they react and respond immediately, unthinkingly, becoming slaves to the moment or to the latest ring on their smartphone or computer.

The key to taking full control over your time and your life is for you to stop and think before you react and respond. It is for you to identify the kind of time and behavior that is required of you at each moment, and then for you to respond appropriately to that situation.

British historian Arnold Toynbee won the Nobel Prize for his masterful twelve-volume work, A Study of History . This series of books traces the rise and fall of twenty-three great civilizations or empires over twenty-five hundred years. Toynbee found that there was a predictable cycle that an empire would go through, form its early beginnings through to its collapse.

Tonybee proposed the idea of the “Challenge and response theory of history.” He showed that each great civilization started small, someetimes as a single tribe or village, and by repeatedly responding effectively to external challenges, usually from warring tribes and other human enemies, the group continued to grow and expand until it dominatd large land masses.

The Mongol empire, for example, the largest land empire in history, started with three people – Temujin is Mother, Hoelun; and his young brother- after another Mongol tribe had wiped our their villages. from that humble beginning, Temujin, who later became known as Genghis Khan, “The Perfect Warrior” spread the Mongol Empire from the Sea of Japan across china, India, much of Russia, and the Middle East, all the way to the Mediterranean and the Danube.


It is the same with you and your life. As long as you respond effectively to the continuous challenges of daily life and work, you continue to grow smarter and more capable and more forward the fulfilment of your full potential.

More than anything, your success in both the short and the long term is largely determined by the way you respond to the inevitable and unavoidable difficulties and challenges of daily life. This is called your response ability, your ability to respond effectively to the non-stop and conflicting demands on your time.

In this book, you will earn a series of the best time usage and time management principles ever discovered, the same time management techniques and strategies practised by the most successful and happy people in our society.

By practising these methods and techniques, you will take full control over your time and your life, and achieve more in the next year or two than most people accomplish in several years or even in a lifetime.

When you become more thoughtful about your current situation and learn the most effective way to deal with different events, and different times, with different approaches, you will think with greater clarity and will respond with greater confidence than ever before.

Time is the most valuable coin in your life. You and you alone will determine how that coin will be spent. Be careful that you do not let other people spend it for you.
carl sandburg
carl sandburg
Swedish-American poet, writer and editor

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