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Why Prime Membership!

StartedIndia’s Prime Membership is our initiative to provide you with an easy way of Learning and Growing as a Startup. Before telling you about our Prime Membership, we would like to seek your attention towards the purpose of starting StartedIndia. 

As a Startup (with a different product), when we were looking for people who could help us, we found, there are people in the market who will help you but you will not know where to find them, neither you would know that a person you are talking to is the right person for you or not. That is why we started StartedIndia as a one-stop platform where along with different technical and non-technical services you also get to connect with the right person who can help you to build your Startup into a Company.

As a Prime Member, you get several benefits from us. Some of the major benefits are listed below.

10 hrs of Mentoring
Get Mentored by the best in the Industry

As a Prime Member of StartedIndia, you get to discuss your ideas with th...

Access to premium videos
Videos which you want to watch to grow your startup

We record every single important knowledge which can be helpful for you ...

On-call Advice
You need help immediately? Just give us a call

We understand the importance of time, that's why on-call support for the...

Priority meetings with Investors
Don't you want to meet an Investor and discuss your idea with him?

The best way to make your idea foolproof is to discuss your idea with In...

Exclusive discount on all our services
Let it be Technical or Non-Technical, we always have an offer ready for you

You don't want to pay what marketing is offering to the Corporates. We o...

Priority passes for our events
You will always be our special guest as a prime member

We organize several meetups and workshops for Startups. As a prime membe...