Zoomcar launching PEDL, a Tech-enabled cycle sharing service in India

Turning on the ignition from self-drive car sharing, Zoomcar has peddled on to launch a technology-enabled cycle sharing service. In what may be a first in India, PEDL includes real-time GPS tracking, solar battery charging and built-in alarms, the company said in a statement.

Designed to complement Zoomcar’s existing business, PEDL reportedly offers cycles at multiple pickup points across various neighborhoods in a city.

The process of using the service is also quite simple –

Walk up to a PEDL location, pay via Paytm and drop it off later at any of the PEDL locations.

According to the press release, the cycles are priced at Rs 10 per half an hour.

“With this, we are officially extending the Zoomcar platform into the realm of multi-modal urban mobility” -says CEO  &C Co-founder of Zoomcar, Greg Morgan.

In recent times, we’ve observed a huge market gap for trips shorter than 5kms and we firmly believe that the cycle 2.0 is best positioned to serve these use cases” -He adds.

As per the company, PEDL cycles come with unique features including custom designed aluminum alloy frames and drum brakes, anti-slip chains, airless solid tyres and height adjustable seats. “These cycles are designed to support 24+ months of intensive use while ensuring industry low maintenance costs and extremely high levels of customer satisfaction” the release further said.

The cycle are also reportedly built with smart locks which are easily unlocked using a QR Code. To be present every 30-100 meters in a city, it presently operates over 500 cycles in 3 cities – Banglore,chennai and Kolkata.

“There will also be some very special benefits ,PEDL benefits for our 30 lakh+ existing zoomcar customers base. At present, we’re speaking to various governmental bodies to craft policies and design urban infrastructure that will help ensure the responsible propagation of dockless cycles sharing across the country, “Says Morgan.

Zoomcar expects to cross 10,000 cycles on road in 2017, with larger expansion plans to follow in 2018.


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