10th standard student got funding of 3 crores for his startup

Three, Jaipur school students “Chetanya Golechha, Mrigank Gujjar and Utsav Jain ” proved  – There is no perfect age to become an Entrepreneurs.

  Yes ! These are 10 th standard school students , who recently got funding of 3 crores for a startup idea of  Flavoured Drink  with no preservative used. And became the India’s youngest Entrepreneur.

The three students of Jaipur’s Neerja Modi school-participated in the entrepreneurship fest of their school in April last year. Their idea got rejected in first round but, they still fetched an order of 150 flavoured bottles.

As per Chetnaya Golecha, their presentation was unable to impress the judges in the fest and they were kicked out in the initial round.

The basic idea of their new start-up is the manufacturer of flavoured drink without adding any preservatives. The trio carried out intensive research and development on Google for the preparation of healthy drink without sugar and soda.

The most challenging task for them was the procurement of licence and permissions from the food department and approval from FSSAI. Their parents also helped them in getting the licence as all of them were minor.

With the perspective of refining their idea, three of them also participated in the entrepreneurship competitions at IIT-Kanpur and IIM-Indore and received wide appreciation.

  • ‘Infusion beverages “on the part of the FSSAI check,  was also cleared.
  • The most important thing that has not been used in the drinks is sugar and soda.

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