51 Habits of Highly Successful People

Success doesn’t come overnight. It comes from the amalgamation of consistency , perseverance and discipline. Those who taste the sweetness of success abide by a few rules. Here are 51 habits of highly successful people.

  1. They Become the architect of their destinies and don’t blame circumstances or luck for any setback.
  2. They have a burning desire which keeps them awake long in the nights and wakes them up early in the morning.
  3. They Monitor their progress from time to time. They do have standard benchmarks for measuring their success.
  4. They learn from their mistakes. Instead of committing the same mistake again, they learn and evolve as a better being.
  5. They try to maintain proper work life balance as they know that excess of anything, be it stress can hamper their progress.
  6. They know the Power of prioritizing things. As a matter of fact, they complete the most important task first as the day commences.
  7. They are long-term oriented. They are least bothered about what is happening in the short run. They play the long game.
  8. They visualize their goals daily. Visualization is proven method for improving focus and imbibing into the subconscious your bigger goals.
  9. They write down their plans and goals. Writing helps them to structure thing well.
  10. They often create To-Do-List. This helps them to complete tasks timely and based on priorities.
  11. The read multiple stuffs. Reading helps these people not just to acquire knowledge but also gives them a multidimensional thought process.
  12. They eat healthy. Feeding your body with good nutrients is also essential and so the successful people consume a lot of green leafy vegetables and fruits.
  13. They don’t mind taking risks. Successful people love adventures and don’t shy away from taking risks.
  14. They are solution oriented and not problem oriented. They don’t like cribbing about their problems, rather they hunt down for the best solutions.
  15. They watch motivational videos to feed mind with productive ideas.
  16. They avoid negative people’s company.There is nothing more devastating than the company of negative people. Optimism is the Key.
  17. They Meditate. Meditation takes away a chunk of stress and recharges their minds for better plans and execution.
  18. They love talking and discussing about new ideas. Successful people don’t like getting stuck in stagnation and love talking about new ideas.
  19. They are pro-active and this helps them to build a recognition among the peers, Faster.
  20. They exercise. Exercise has proven to keep mind and body fresh which helps them to accept more challenges.
  21. The remain humble. Irrespective of the scales of success they achieve, they don’t let their ego ride their mind.
  22. They love sharing. Unlike many, they are not reluctant when it comes to sharing. They love sharing their knowledge, wisdom and their resources with people.
  23. They embrace changes. Unlike many who resist change, successful people embrace it , accept it and accordingly adopt.
  24. They forgive people instead of holding on to grudges.
  25. They learn something new each day. This could be either with the help of podcasts , articles , newspapers or by talking to any authority of some field.
  26. They remain updated with their industry trends. Be it actors or businessmen, all successful entities are updated with the latest trends in their respective industries.
  27. They are highly disciplined. They do some stuffs even when they are not willing to do it just because they don’t wish to disrupt their disciplined schedule.
  28. They don’t like giving excuses. Normal being give a lot of excuses of disability, illness or bad luck. Successful people have stayed in these situations but never gave an excuse.
  29. They persist and persevere even in hard times. Consistency becomes a key factor for their success.
  30. They keep polishing their craft. If a successful person is a renowned singer, he would still practice his art each day and same goes for a cricketer. They keep on striving for perfection in their key areas.
  31. They have a deep feeling of gratitude for everything in life. Instead of complaining the almighty for what he hasn’t bestowed, they thank him for every other little thing.
  32. They are least bothered about non-productive stuffs. They don’t mind wearing the same t-shirt each day for years or driving the same old car for ages as long as it has no direct relation with their success.
  33. they interact with other successful people to keep enhancing their knowledge. Best examples are Bill Gates and Warren Buffet.
  34. They disconnect from of things of weekends and spend time introspection and preparing their minds for the next day. They also try to reflect on these days.
  35. They work on understanding the basics of finance and try to become a master in money Management.
  36. They utilize time effectively. In fact they are really good time managers which helps them to accomplish more in a little time.
  37. They usually wake up early as it gives them 3 hours extra as compared their competitors. This gives them an edge of 90 hours each month.
  38. Successful people compliment other rather than criticizing . This helps them to build a network of good friends too.
  39. They burn the bridges. When a person has a lot of options, he might think of taking a step back or switch to plan B if plan A doesn’t work. But, successful people don’t keep a plan B and so only option for them is to make plan A work for them. This is typically like a do or die situation for them.
  40. Successful people practice the art of self-awareness. They constantly try to find out their weak and strong areas as well as their heart’s calling.
  41. Successful people are masters in communication. They learn how to communicate effectively and efficiently. This gives them an edge against their competitors.
  42. They keep a check on emotions. Often people get attached or carried away by emotions which hinders their success. Successful  people avoid this mistake and keep their emotions in check.
  43. Good listening skill is often practiced by successful people. This helps them to understand more and then reflect accordingly.
  44. They have a habit of rarely watching television. Even if they are watching, they would watch productive and informative stuffs.
  45. They say ‘NO’ more often than ‘YES’ . This is often brings them into bad light but then gives them edge of saving their time and energy for a lot of useful stuffs.
  46. they wish for others’ success too. They mostly think of win-win situation due to which others are ready to help them.
  47. Successful people restrict the consumption of alcohol and drugs. They consume a lot of caffeine though to keep their minds alert all the day.
  48. They do have a spiritual practice. Most of the successful people either pray or practice spirituality in some or the other form.
  49. They block weekends for their family. Due to their busy schedule, they fail to spend time with their dear once, but they make sure that they spend quality time with their  family on weekends.
  50. They travel a lot whenever they get time. This helps them to improve their perspective and helps them to learn about new cultures, advancements and keeps them young.
  51. Bonus traits They care a fig of what others think of them. They don’t let the opinion of others become their reality.

So, Here I listed a few common habits of all the successful people. Just think of adopting at least 10% of these habits, and it can transform you life Surprisingly.

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Abhishek Kar
A seasonal Entrepreneur
Startup Enthusiast &
Author: “The Success Lexicon”

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